Golden Sands – When a Resort and Nature Park are One

The undisputed resort pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast Golden Sands is the most recognizable destination for first-class sea tourism in the country.  Established more than 60 years ago on the territory of the eponymous nature park, the resort wins the hearts of tourists from all over the world with its remarkable golden sand and the coolness of the tall trees that touch the shore.  The beach stretches for 3.5 km, its width reaches up to 100 m and the sea is calm and caressing, free of rocks and underwater stones – the perfect choice for a peaceful family vacation.  The international “Blue Flag” award is a guarantee of the ecological cleanliness of the resort.  In 2021, the Golden Sands was included in the annual ranking of the best 50 beaches in the world in a prestigious international ranking.  

Nearly 90 hotels, combining comfort and modern luxury, are located in this oasis where the breeze and the colourful shadows create the wonders of mild summer.  

Adventures come with seaside attractions on the shore, numerous mineral water pools and Bulgaria’s first water park, where young and old alike float to oblivion on the waves of fun.

Plenty of restaurants offer tastes of traditional Bulgarian cuisine and the cuisines of Europe, Asia and America, sports facilities provide workouts by the shore, children’s attractions surprise the kids with various entertainments, and nightlife vibrates to a disco beat in trendy clubs and under the stars.  Children’s ensembles, folklore groups and popular pop singers often perform on the outdoor stages.  

Just meters away from the joyful noise of the Golden Sands’ endless summer celebration is the resort’s other face – the protected area of the nature park, which beckons with silence and idyllic solitude.  Paths and stone steps can lead the visitor thirsty for contact with nature up the hills to the untouched forest with its secret paths and ancient fountains, and the lucky visitor can meet the charming inhabitants – deer, red deer, protected animal and plant species, including some rare orchids.  Fans of birdsong can enter the Owl House and hear each of the park’s birds sing.  A venerable witness of the times is the two-hundred-year-old plane tree, which is impressive with its trunk with a diameter of 4 meters.  Lianas tangle the longleaf section of the park, and whole families of turtles hang out in the shallow woodland ponds.

Located only 18 km from Varna, the resort offers quick access to the sea capital of Bulgaria. The rocky Aladzha Monastery is located in the hills above Golden Sands. The resort is also the starting point for day trips to one of the most romantic places on the Black Sea – the Balchik Palace, created by Queen Maria of Romania as an artistic retreat amidst the picturesque scenery of the White City.

At the height of summer, Golden Sands is a reserved territory for sea tourism, and in the wings of the season the resort becomes a centre for spa treatments and international events.  The five-star and four-star hotels in the resort provide a first-class dedicated environment for congress and conference events and are sought-after partners for organizing prestigious forums in the fields of science, medicine, business.

Golden Sands’ mild climate and natural beauty have become a lifelong love for many of the resort’s regular visitors, who now live there year-round in luxury accommodations and in an invigorating atmosphere that is always imbued with the free spirit of vacation.

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