Стара Загора

8 reasons to visit the 8 thousand-year-old city of Stara Zagora

Eight is the number that symbolizes Stara Zagora, because its history dates back eight thousand years ago and the city has been renamed exactly eight times during all these years – Beroe, Augusta Trayana, Vereya, Irinopolis, Boruy, Eski Zagra, Zheleznik, Stara Zagora.

Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora means History

Immerse yourself in the lifestyle of people who lived 8000 years ago by visiting the Neolithic Dwellings Museum. The two-storey house, dating back to the Early Neolithic era (middle of the 6th millennium BC), is the best preserved house with the richest inventory in Europe of this period.

Stara Zagora means Beauty

Splendor and magnificence, these are the words to describe the ancient city of Augusta Trayana. Founded around 106-108 by the Roman emperor Mark Ulpius Trayan, the ancient forum complex is located in the heart of the city and it’s an attractive place for both tourists and artists today. 

Stara Zagora means Symbol

‘The Defenders of Stara Zagora’, a majestic monument situated on the edge of town, recreates the Samara Flag – a symbol of Liberation, carrying the memory of our ancestors’ heroism over the centuries and making us feel proud of that glorious history even to this day. Every year on March 3, thousands of grateful Bulgarians walk the Road-bow, carrying the 300-metre long national flag from the city centre to the monument.

Stara Zagora means Art

‘A City of Poets’ – it is no coincidence that the city has got this artistic nickname. Jump into the cultural life of Stara Zagora and visit the Literary Stara Zagora Museum – the first integrated literary museum outside the capital, the first Opera House outside the capital, see the exhibitions at the Art Gallery and how the puppets come to life in the State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora.

Stara Zagora means Fragrance

This is the city where you can smell the linden trees on all its straight streets. In June, residents and guests of Stara Zagora can enjoy not only the rich cultural calendar, but also the unique scent of linden trees and walk in one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Bulgaria – Ayazmoto. Legends are spread about it, and its most valuable treasure is the endless sea of ​​greenery, where you can see various exotic tree species and shrubs.

Stara Zagora means Flavour

Find out the secrets of local cuisine, with old customs intertwined therein. Learn how to prepare lyutenitsa (tomato and red pepper spread), what is unique about the Pelin wine of Zmeyovo village and go ‘On the Road of Bread’. Taste what the skilled hands make from cherries and persimmons.

Stara Zagora means Youth and Dynamics

The places preferred by the young people in the city are innumerable, and the renovated pedestrian zone is just one of them. The sports grounds in the green areas and parks are busy during all the seasons. For the sports fans, Stara Zagora is a place that attracts residents and guests of the city with many international and national competitions.

Stara Zagora means Experience

You will definitely have fun in a place like Stara Zagora, immersing yourself in the history, discovering the unknown, feeling the nature and spending fun moments in the renovated and most modern Zoo in the country. Meeting the beautiful white tiger will bring you a unique experience.

Stara Zagora for you……

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