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Alexandros Arampatzis: Greece is ready for Summer ‘2023, we expect a record number of tourists 

Alexandros Arampatzis – Managing Director, Win Ltd (Greece)

  • Hello, Mr. Arampatzis! How is Greece emerging from the global pandemic and what are your expectations for the new summer tourist season?
  • Greece is bouncing back from the pandemic in a strong, dynamic and confident way. It certainly helps a lot that during the Covid restrictions, that measures that were employed by the Greek government alongside hotels, restaurants and other public enterprises were so diligent and effective that raised the country’s tourism profile as one of the safest in the world.
    Therefore it comes to no surprise that the coming summer season we are expecting a record number of visitors, matching and possibly surpassing those of 2019. Numerous investments have been made in the hospitality industry in the country and now it is clear that Greece can meet all requirements, budgets and tastes, at a competitive prices
  • Greece traditionally welcomes many Bulgarian tourists. How will you keep and increase their interest in you?
  • Bulgarians are certainly one of the main markets for our tourism. We know that they love the country, they enjoy being frequent visitors, especially during summer time, and they deserve to receive a warm and welcoming hospitality, as ever. Over the past years the road network leading to some of the most popular Greek destinations has increased dramatically making it easier for the car-travellers (and most Bulgarias, due to proximity, visit Greece by car), to reach parts of the country that was harder to reach before. I am certain that Greece will remain a favourable destination for the Bulgarians travellers, a place that offers stress-free, family friendly, quality service and warm hospitality all year round.
  • Your destination is also visited for its beautiful and clean Blue Flag beaches. Tell us about them.
  • Pageo boasts some of the most extensive beach network in the country. Miles and miles of unspoiled beaches await our Bulgarian friends and families to experience the Blue Flag crystal clear sea waters and beaches. I can reassure you that the Nunicipality of Pageo and the mayor himself Mr. Filippos Anastasiadis takes great care so that the beaches of Pageo can claim the Blue Flag award.
  • What experiences can Pangeo Municipality offer us for the end of the week, when peoples have more free time for travel? Recommend us how to enjoy the best weekend in Pangeo?
  • Most Bulgarians associate Pageo with the beach, summer vacations, relaxation under the sun and sea sports. In fact, Pageo is a great place to visit all year round. During a Winter or a Spring weekend for example one can enjoy the regions’ amazing gastronomy, vist the famous local wineries for an impressive wine tasting experience, go hike our beautiful mountain, visit some of the most historic monasteries in the country and enjoy the hospitable spirit of the people.
  • Tourism is in the blood of the Greeks, almost all of them are engaged in tourism or have relatives who are part of the tourism industry. Where and how do Greeks rest at home? Tell us and about their favorite places abroad according to your data for 2022.
  • Indeed, the tourism industry is central to the country’s economy but also part of the way us Greeks see ourselves; we love welcoming people all year through, we take great pleasure in coming across happy faces, content travellers, tourists who get to explore and love the country that they become repeated travellers and “ambassadors” of what Greece and its people have to offer.
    To address your question, when we take a break from the hectic tourism season we love to travel abroad (those of us who live in the North of the country visit Bulgaria regularly), to clear up our minds but also to identify and adopt new trends.
  • What should be the marketing of a destination today to attract more tourists.
  • It should employ a mix of traditional marketing tools (such as taking part in fairs and exhibitions) alongside modern marketing techniques, such as the extensive use of technology, with artificial intelligence applications, e-maps and e-destination guides, creative and inspiring use of social media and so on.
    Having said that, tourism is a human-oriented business. Technology certainly helps a lot to market destinations but at the same time, it is commonplace and a great piece of truth that nothing can replace human contact, the relationships people build over time, the kind service and the warm smile.
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