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David Levy

David Levy: EACC is and will be an additional channel, to show the beauties of our country to our Arab partners

David Levy is the Chairman of The European Arab Chamber of Commerce. He studied “Physics and Astronomy” at Sofia University, “Cinema and television directing and Mass Media and Communication” at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel and MBA in Costa Rica and Poland. He works as entrepreneur  in the field of innovation and education. He is fluent in Bulgarian, English, Russian and Hebrew.

– Mr. Levy, What are the purpose and goals of the European Arab Chamber of Commerce?

– The EACC was established with the stated goal of widening the trade connections and mutual investment between the countries of EU and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Concil). We believe that true mutually-beneficial trade relations will improve the understanding between the European and the Arab countries and will guarantee a bright future for both civilizations. Trade chambers are not necessarily a thing of the past. By utilizing cutting edge technologies we can bring together companies from the both sides and help them do successful business.

– How are your Israeli connections and experience corresponding with your role as Chairman of EACC?

– To be honest, I was afraid that my Jewish origin and relations with Israel may have negative impact on the activities of the Chamber, but after the signing of the Abraham Accords it turned out to be advantage. The relationship between Israel and the moderate Arab countries are in a phase of renaissance.  With sincere respect to our Arab counterparts, I believe, that even the sky is not a limit to the possible success.

– How can EACC assist the development of the tourism from Arab countries to EU and Bulgaria in particular?

– EACC is and will be an additional channel with growing importance, to show the beauties of our country to our Arab partners. Trade is important tool in increasing the tourist activities. I have seen it countless times with my international partners. After visiting Bulgaria for business, they come back with their families as tourists.

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