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Geranea Ecopark

Geranea Ecoparkin the valley of health

Gеranea Eco park – a beautiful, inspiring place filled with positive energy. Away from the noisy city and polluted air, there is a picturesque place conserved where animals run free and flowers dance to the sounds of the small crickets of Dobrudzha. Even Thracians were enchanted by the land so they called it Spring Valley due to the soft climate and evergreen nature, and Romans called it Geranium – health.

The Eco park is located near the villages Obrochishte, Tsarkva and Lyahovo. It is just 5 km away from the Albena resort, nearly 15 km from the Golden Sands resort and 35 km from Varna. It covers a fenced area of 7000 decares.

The farm has an impressive selection of animals. In the park, tourists will be able to truly experience the life that is happening in the unfenced areas of Dobrudzha. There is also an option for individual visit upon preliminary request. The duration of one walk is 3 hours; organized visits are done after a preliminary request!

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