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Margita Todorova: Albena’s green future is a quest for harmony with nature, the sea and people

“I remember my first day at the resort, it was 45 years ago.” says the lady who is currently a member of the board of directors with a smile.

Kristian IVANOV
It is said that whatever you’re looking for is also looking for you. Margita Todorova has just graduated in Tourism from the Higher Institute of National Economy in Varna, known by its popular abbreviation HINE, when she found her career field to which she remains faithful to this day.
Margita was assigned to work in the resort of Albena in 1979 in the “Restaurants” sector. Currently, she is Sales and Marketing Director and a member of the board of directors of the same complex, which has become one of the largest Bulgarian companies in the field of tourism.
“I remember my first day in Albena,” says Margita Todorova smiling as she welcomes the team of Destinations magazine to her office. Two other colleagues from the university and I were introduced to the Director General Apostolov and I had the pleasure and honor of being appointed to the department responsible for restaurants.
In those years, the system by which tourism was organized was very different from the current one. There were about 40 restaurants in Albena and the surrounding area, which were managed by the complex. The restaurants had to meet the high standards that were set in our resort even then. My task was to participate in the control process. Apostolov was not too wordy. He outlined the opportunities that each of us, the three former students, had. And we got to work.”
A work that for Margita Todorova continues to this day, passing through many stages and professional growth. Over the years, the current marketing director has been fortunate to learn from the practice of the best specialists in the field of Bulgarian tourism. She has acquired new knowledge in different sectors of Albena’s system and gained invaluable experience. All this gives her chances to take on more and more responsible positions. As well as to prepare the next highly qualified staff to fill the team of the complex.
The changes that began in Bulgaria with the collapse of socialism in 1989 and the beginning of the transition to a market economy opened new horizons for tourism on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Fortunately, Albena has already taken advantage of them in the best possible way, already under the management of the current Executive Director Krasimir Stanev. An extremely sustainable model for development, which continues to be a role model, was established in the resort.
Hand in hand with nature, the beautiful sea oasis passes into the new century, preserving its charm of a magical place.
A piece of paradise in which cool, dense forests touch beaches covered in golden, soft sand. Memories of spacious green areas, gardens with bright flowers and secret romantic places certainly pop into holidaymakers’ heads. Three healing mineral springs with warm water gush by the sea, adding to the feeling of a fairy tale that the entire Horn of Plenty evokes.

“The resort follows the formulated Sustainable Development Strategy, which completed its first 5-year cycle in 2022. Today, the company generates over 50% of the energy needed on site, using solar panels to produce electricity, as well as a biogas plant processing food waste. We heat the domestic water with the energy of the sun, as well as with highly efficient thermal pumps. In one of the hotels, we already have a battery installed that helps us balance consumption and optimize costs. Thanks to an European funding, we have implemented an intelligent water and energy monitoring system. We invested in electric mobility and limited car traffic in the complex to make the environment safe, free of noise and dust pollution. We built an escalator that takes tourists to the higher floors of the complex. Following the farm-to-table principle, over 60% of food is sourced from our own farms, and the rest comes from small local producers. We impose daily and strict control, implementing company laboratories to test the quality of products entering the complex, as well as the cleanliness of sea and drinking water. We protect the local biodiversity while striving to instill in our guests a respect and positive attitude towards the environment. I venture to say that we have managed to attract a lot of followers to our Green mission, which has given results and our desire is to continue on this path” says Margita Todorova.
“Excellent opportunities for the practice of many types of sports were created in Albena. Both professionals and amateurs are welcome. For 5 years now, we have been awarded the title “European Resort of Sport”. We have received happy evaluations for the beach, which has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award for more than 20 consecutive years. Our hotels have an excellent reputation and they have won numerous prizes. The mineral springs on the territory of the complex are a gift from nature, thanks to which we develop balneology. Currently, the pools on the territory of Albena have mineral water and this is highly appreciated by our tourists. A green future, opportunities for sports, balneology, uncompromising quality. This is how we see our perspectives” the director says.
To make all this possible, Albena employs over 2,500 people who are at the service of tourists. Each of the employees contributes to the guests desire to enjoy a carefree vacation, forgetting about the daily routine. In recent years, the entire tourism industry has faced serious challenges. The coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing war in Ukraine set a series of difficult tasks for Albena’s team.
“The people working in the complex are an invaluable asset and everyone’s efforts are important. We value the feedback we get from our guests and strive to put all helpful recommendations into practice. In 2024, Albena will celebrate its 55th anniversary and this is an occasion for celebration and reckoning.”
The numerous certificates and the showcases laden with awards in Margita Todorova’s office show that the assessment of the work done will certainly be positive. On the desk in front of her, a beautiful statuette shines with dignity and stands out against the career development awards.

“This sculpture by the Bulgarian sculptor Svetlozar Lisichkov has been with me for many years” Margita says. – It was gifted to me during an exhibition in 1996. It represents two figures in harmony. It reflects aspirations and sensations that are close to my hearth. I believe the point for anyone is to have a family and a job that love. It’s hard to achieve, but it’s not impossible. We are about to celebrate 55 years since the establishment of Albena and this will be a memorable event. We also look further ahead. For the 60th anniversary, I hope that we will have a complex that works at full speed from April to November. Hotel Dobrudja, the emblem of our resort, to be reconstructed. In the current hotels’ spots, new ones should be built. Let’s preserve the style of Albena, the sense of comfort and harmony that we really care about.”
Will this continue the story of the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast? It is said that whatever you’re looking for is also looking for you…

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