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Saudia’s New Era: Where Innovation in Aviation Meets Saudi Identity

Saudia, the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, has just revealed its new brand identity and livery during a milestone event in Jeddah, attended by dignitaries, industry leaders, and aviation experts. This rebrand is a testament to Saudia’s commitment to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, a bold initiative aimed at bringing the world to Saudi Arabia.

A New Beginning: Saudia’s rebrand marks the dawn of a new era, bringing innovative customer services and a strong digital focus to the forefront. The goal is to enhance the guest experience by celebrating Saudi culture in a unique and immersive way. From a distinct fragrance and sonic identity to locally inspired cuisine crafted by skilled Saudi craftsmen, guests can anticipate an authentic Saudi journey that showcases the best of the country’s rich culture.

Followed by “A Palette of Identity”, the new brand’s colors are thoughtfully chosen to symbolize Saudi pride and aspirations. Green takes center stage as the primary color, representing national pride and reflecting the Saudi flag and the palm tree. It also underlines Saudia’s commitment to Saudi Vision 2030, embodying Saudi generosity, culture, and hospitality.

Complementing this vibrant green are the secondary colors, blue and sand, extending the brand into the realms of sky and desert. Blue signifies aspirations and expansion, evoking the seas and skies that connect Saudia to more than 100 destinations, including emerging hubs like Neom and the Red Sea, and how the airline brings the world closer to Saudi Arabia.

Sand, with its warm and earthy hue, signifies the wealth of Saudi Arabia’s homeland, reinforcing authenticity and deep-rooted values. It also represents Saudia’s commitment to nurturing human resources and developing essential infrastructure.

Together, these colors breathe life into the brand, capturing Saudia’s journey as it embraces the future while honoring its proud past.”

Building upon its distinctive color choices, Saudia’s partnership with the Ministry of Culture takes the brand experience further by engaging the guests’ five senses, making every detail in guest cabins a reflection of the Saudi identity. This immersive experience includes offering over 40 Saudi cuisine options during flights, showcasing the diverse culinary heritage of Saudi Arabia.

As Saudia continues to engage its guests’ senses, it has also introduced scented tissues. These tissues capture the essence of Saudi heritage through fragrances inspired by natural wool, dried lime, cardamom, aromatic Najdi clay houses, incense, aromatic coffee, and the renowned Taif rose. This aromatic addition complements the airline’s commitment to providing an immersive experience, where even the smallest detail transports guests to the heart of Saudi Arabia.

At the core of Saudia’s transformative rebranding lies digital transformation, with a strong focus on both operational efficiency and elevating guest services. This transformative journey encompasses various aspects of the airline’s operations.

Saudia is harnessing the power of advanced digital systems to boost operational efficiency across the board. These systems are designed to enhance speed, precision, quality, and cost-effectiveness in all areas of the airline’s operations. For example, predictive maintenance services have been introduced to detect and identify aircraft faults early, ultimately resulting in improved operational performance. These digital innovations are not only streamlining processes but also reducing task completion times while simultaneously enhancing quality.

Saudia is at the forefront of the aviation industry with its pioneering use of a generative AI virtual assistant. This innovative AI system ensures seamless travel services for guests through voice and text chat, covering a wide range of recommendations and information. Whether it’s airport information, weather updates, visa details, or transportation recommendations, this AI assistant provides swift post-sales support, enhancing the overall guest experience.

In line with Saudia’s commitment to modernization and convenience, the airline has also introduced an E-Wallet system designed to simplify the issuance and reissuance of government tickets for the Kingdom’s public sector. This digital platform enhances convenience and efficiency, aligning with Saudia’s overarching goal of providing a seamless and modern travel experience.

Saudia’s dedication to digital innovation underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional travel experience, where efficiency, convenience, and guest satisfaction are paramount. This is the future of aviation, and Saudia invites you to be a part of it.

The major re-brand strategy represents more than just a transformation of its appearance; it signifies a steadfast commitment to advancing Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Which aims to enhance the customer experience, improve safety, and work towards a sustainable future in aviation. It’s a significant step forward in Saudia’s journey to bring around 330 million visitors to the Kingdom by 2030.

Welcome to a new era of aviation with Saudia.

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