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“Therma Village” – Ecology, Sport, Health

The “Therma Village” Complex is located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, at the foot of the Dobrudzha plateau, next to the natural reserve “Baltata”. The complex includes two magnificent five-star hotels, “Therma Eco” and “Therma Palace”, each with pools with mineral and sea water, and a special building for accommodation “Therma Camp & Pool” for athletes and their coaches.

The hotels are equipped with restaurants serving European and traditional Bulgarian cuisine, outdoor swimming pools, SPA centers, training halls, bowling alleys, fitness and yoga halls, outdoor pool with water slides, 50m Olympic size pool, bars, pizzeria, sports grounds, stadiums, tennis courts, park recreation areas, a horse riding base, modern two-story villas, located several meters from the sandy beach of the complex and an equipped beach.

The “Black Sea Ice Arena”, located within the “Therma Village” complex, with modern amenities like professional changing rooms and curling facilities, it is the ideal location for many ice hockey and figure skating summer camps. It is often the venue for local and international summer ice hockey tournaments, gathering teams from around the world.

The complex is a pedestrian zone, with shuttles between the beach and the hotels available for those with limited mobility. “Therma Village” has been created in such way that it will satisfy the needs of all tourists, families with children and professional athletes alike. “Therma Village” is the perfect place for those who appreciate and love nature’s beauty, the active recreation, and the ecology.

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