Event Guide Bulgaria
Event Guide Bulgaria

Events Guide Bulgaria is the first specialized platform in the field of event tourism in Bulgaria. We know well the problems of the organizers and the needs of the suppliers of everything necessary for the perfect event. We strive to be the professional link in the industry.

🎯 The goal is the destinations in Bulgaria, as well as the country as a whole, to become recognizable for practicing event tourism.

Our motivation to add value for the users of the platform gives birth to the idea of creating a specialized publication, whose main goal is to promote event tourism in Bulgaria – Events Guide Bulgaria.

The publication will contain synthesized specialized information in the form of articles developed on the basis of research methodology and presenting the opportunities offered by Bulgaria for holding events of various types.

“Our mission together is to promote Bulgaria as a sought after and preferred destination for event tourism”

Events Guide will be positioned on the platform and is expected to be published in the spring of 2022.

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