Hotel Experts – For successful business projects at the tourism markets of Bulgarian & North Macedonia

Man putting key card switch in hotel room

Hotel Experts provides a combination of modern intelligent hospitality solutions tailored to the specific needs of each individual case, while providing quality expertise by proven hospitality specialists, whose experience and knowledge cover the specifics of the hotel industry in all its varieties and directions.

The portfolio of Hotel Experts includes services such as – Asset management and owner advisory services, pre-opening services, hotel branding & operator selection, operations management, business development, sales & marketing plans and strategies, online positioning, destination marketing, trainings and others.

In response to the new attitudes and consumer demand for healthy products and services, Hotel Experts created the project Healthy – an expert solution for the modern hotelier. Healthy is a concept that has been developed to be effectively incorporated as an important part of the overall hotel product.

In an effort to provide hoteliers with innovative solutions, was created – ReveNew, a web-based revenue management platform that integrates with hotel software, with 24/7 access from any device.

Hotel Experts is an exclusive partner of the international company Tolerancа Marketing for Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia, as well as of Choice Hotels for Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Romania.

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