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LAREN is the bridge connecting the Bulgarian hospitality business and over 67 global cosmetic brands.

Kremena Karaylanova: LAREN HOME offers cosmetics, textile and home fragrance products

– Mrs. Karaylanova, cosmetics are essential commodities for home but also for the hospitality industry. The market offers a large selection of cosmetics, how can people recognize quality products among them?

– High quality is always visible. Our cosmetic products are notified in the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal), which ensures the quality of ingredients and fragrance compositions, which are also accompanied by safety assessment reports. We do not use parabens – carcinogenic ingredients widely used in mass cosmetics today.

Are there any trends in hotel cosmetics? How do you create personalized cosmetics for the hotels?

– Yes, there are. Some hotels go for the “eco-wave”, they are looking for natural ingredients and aromas, recycled cardboards and bio-degradable packaging. Regarding personalized cosmetics we take into account numerous factors, for example, location – whether the hotel is at the seaside, in the mountains, operates all year round, or is a spa and etc. We also consider the average guest stay among other things. We select the most appropriate fragrant compositions and we never use the same design because that is the distinctive feature of that particular hotel.

You are surrounded by many products of global companies. How easy is it to be tempted to recommend a certain product? Does the brand name help in winning the customers’ trust faster?

– Actually we always recommend the right products to our partners. This is essential part of our job. Every hotel is unique and we only add the final touch –selected aesthetic cosmetics, consumables and fragrances, to complete the entire concept of the hotel.

What was your reaction when you signed the first contract of LAREN with a global brand? Was that like a dream come true?

– We were very happy that La Bottega – a global leader in luxury hotel cosmetics – chose us for their exclusive representatives. Thanks to this cooperation the Bulgarian hoteliers can select among over 67 global brands such as Bottega Veneta, ETRO, Trussardi, Floris, Dyptique, Fragonard, Roberto Cavalli, Acqua dell`Elba and others.

Today you are one of the most successful cosmetics and textile companies in Bulgaria and in the past three years you have worked very hard to gain the trust of the hospitality business and the 5-star hotels where you position your products. How do you see this period?

– We have built our partnerships with care and personal attitude – for us this is the foundation of our mutual development. The time since the start of the company till today has been filled with hard work, a lot of meetings, travels and new friendships.

You have recently opened a show-room in Sofia. What can the customers see there? You also visit a lot of places in your job. Which places touched your heart so much that you want to visit them again?

– In the show-room our customers can see the entire range of our cosmetics, consumables, textile and equipment, in different price-ranges suitable for every hotel. Our show-room will help our customers to make their choices and our consultations easier. Our new range – LAREN HОМЕ – is now available and we offer textile, cosmetics and fragrances for home.

– We have everything in Bulgaria – beautiful mountains, sea-side, mineral springs and there are still places we are going to visit. I think we have discovered our country again.

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