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Ruslan Yordanov – Owner of Destinations – ultimate guide for your holiday

Dear readers! 

This is a special moment for me. My new fairytale in the world of tourism and journalism begins – the publication of the magazine Destinations – ultimate guide for your holiday. The new media product, part of the Royal Communication group, starts as an annual magazine with over 100 pages in Bulgarian and English. 

The magazine’s mission is to be a prestigious platform for the tourism industry, as well as a tool which best showcases Bulgarian business and tourism to the world.

Not everything is Digital, in this day and age paper is a luxury – the written word is preserved on the pages, and this is precisely why I am undertaking, together with my team, my next step in my development after the successful project which reached an audience of over 2 million unique users from over 210 countries in the last two years. Our original publications quickly established our online media outlet as an authoritative, up-to-date, and reliable source of information. Today, is an attractive partner for businesses looking for quick and effective results, as well as an independent media outlet the Bulgarian online reader relies on.  

We live at a time when hygiene in communication among people, as well as between the media and the people, is seriously lacking. We built our relationships with honesty and openness, which time transformed into strength and trust. For the valuable life lessons and professional lessons, I am grateful today to my teachers in journalism and tourism who made me see both professions in depth, allowing me to combine them confidently today and realize my projects.

Ironically, our new endeavor will start just like in fairytales – from the Castle. Our pilot issue cover features one of the most sought-after tourist sites, which is a symbol of dreams come true both for its owner and for many Bulgarians.

Through the magazine, we will showcase interesting and successful personalities in tourism who are a good example of human and professional qualities. The magazine will take us to impressive places, introduce us to interesting and current businesses, and help us rediscover the world of tourism – in Bulgaria and beyond.

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