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What is there in the Castle?

Interview with Yanko Krastev, Manager of the Castle

“It would be easier for me to answer the question: “What cannot be seen there?” but let me make a list of what is there in sequence: a wonderful park with several lakes, a winery with own marks of drinks, a chapel where all church rituals are performed, an attractive art gallery, a play zone, a horse club, a fountain of wishes, summer bars and a restaurant, a souvenir shop. This is the place for your romantic wedding, a family celebration or a company teambuilding. I want to put emphasis on something exclusively important about the Castle not only as a tourist spot but also as a special place for more of our visitors: the always-curious fact that the Castle has been constructed by one person who has been building his dream alone, stone by stone, in the course of already more than 25 years. This fact inspires people to believe in their strength and to begin to realize themselves their own plans and projects which have been put on ice for a long time. I met many times people who imparted their similar thoughts to me: “When one man was able to achieve this miracle alone, why shouldn’t I be able to do so, too? I am not going to postpone any more. I am starting as well, from today!”

I will acquaint the magazine readers also with one of the secrets of our success and why, for many years, we are without competitors in the touristic sector. We uninterruptedly develop ourselves and there is something new with us every year, something significant and very attractive. That is why all our guests, both individual and organized, love to visit us time and again. We work with hundreds of companies based in Bulgaria and all over the world.

The Castle has exceeded the limits of a regional and national tourist attraction for a long time and has been in the rank lists of the European attractions for already several years, along with the Acropolis, the Colosseum and the Eiffel Tower. It’s always a pleasure for us to help all Bulgarian companies, not only those operating in the tourist sector but also in the sphere of arts, production and science. We make everything in the name of beauty and for the good reputation of Bulgaria around the world. I would like to remind all our partners and colleagues about the words of the Old Liben from the novel “Old Time Bulgarians”: “Everything must be nice in your Old Liben’s yard: from hens to daughters-in-law. Come to see how one builds with passion and mastery. So that you can do it the same way. Learn, my children. And, when you don’t know how, just ask!”

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